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Originally AB 890 was set to be heard in June as a two-year bill. With Governor Newsom and the California Legislature focused on responding to the COVID-19 crisis, significant changes to the legislative calendar to accommodate the current shelter-in-place orders have been implemented. 

Now, the Legislature has announced that they plan to return on May 4, but what that means for the legislative calendar and timelines is unclear. While we expect AB 890 will continue to move through the legislative process, there is some uncertainty around when AB 890 will be heard in the Senate. 

The Close the Provider Gap coalition, which is led by the California Association for Nurse Practitioners, remains committed to full-practice authority for California nurse practitioners and to keeping all stakeholders updated with new information and timelines as they become available. 

Visit the coalition website for a host of information, and be sure to follow the coalition on Facebook and Twitter.


Authored by Assemblymember Jim Wood, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Health, AB 890 has garnered significant opposition from organized medicine. On May 16, 2019, the Assembly Committee on Appropriations designated AB 890 as a two-year bill, delaying its progress, but maintaining its eligibility to be taken up in the second year of the current two-year legislative session. The measure had previously passed out of the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions by a vote of 16-0 on April 9, 2019.

Following the action by the Appropriations Committee, CANP leaders immediately engaged in analyzing the outcome, and have continued to procure additional support in preparation for the bill's reconsideration in 2020.

On January 23, the Appropriations Committee approved AB 890, sending it forward for a vote by the full Assembly. The Assembly then passed the measure on January 27 by an overwhelming, bipartisan vote (61-1).

The bill now moves to the Senate, where it awaits its first policy committee assignment.

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