Political Action Committee

Support the Effort

California Association for Nurse Practitioners Political Action Committee The California Association for Nurse Practitioners Political Action Committee (PAC) is a nonpartisan effort dedicated to supporting state legislative candidates. The CANP PAC has been active in California for decades, supporting many successful candidates. You can engage in the political process – and make a difference – by contributing to the PAC.

The PAC is a vital component of CANP’s legislative advocacy efforts. PACs are established so that contributions from a number of individuals can be aggregated into one fund that is then used to make contributions to support a particular cause or candidate. A well-funded PAC helps us show strength in numbers and a commitment to engage in the political process.

Who Can Donate?


It’s easy for an individual to make a contribution to the CANP PAC. Just click the button below and follow the prompts to fill out a contribution form. Members also have the ability to make PAC contributions when renewing their membership.



Individual CANP chapters are encouraged to host local CANP PAC fundraising events. Be aware that there are many legal guidelines and requirements to follow with regard to PAC fundraising, including the need to complete this Auction Fundraising Information Form.