NP Awards

Honoring Excellence

Through its Nurse Practitioner of Distinction and Bridging Health Care Needs awards, CANP honors individuals who have distinguished themselves as fully engaged in the betterment of their association, profession and communities.

The awards are presented during CANP’s Annual Education Conference. Reflecting a new policy adopted for 2019, the awards are now be presented in alternating years. The NP of Distinction Award is presented in odd years, and the Bridging Health Care Needs Award is presented in even years.

CANP has also instituted the Nurse Practitioner Advocate of the Year Award, presented since 2002 to recognize contributions to the NP profession by those in the legislative, policy and regulatory realms.

Nurse Practitioner of Distinction Award

The Nurse Practitioner of Distinction Award specifically recognizes a CANP member who demonstrates excellence in furthering the nurse practitioner role, either in legislative efforts or clinical application. This award is presented during odd-numbered years. Past winners include:

2023  Charlotte Thomas
2021  Garrett Chan
2019  Kristin Rhodes
2018  Beth Haney
2017  Susan Tiso
2016  Karen Macauley
2015  Kristin Kopelson
2014  Elaine Go
2013  Surani Kwan
2012  Jill Olmstead
2011  Susie Phillips
2010  Sue Hoyt
2009  Marty Williams
2008  Barbara Dehn
2007  Tracy Fremd
2006  Betsy Stapleton
2005  Conrad Rios
2004  Linda Faney
2003  Linda Land
2002  Susie Phillips

Bridging Health Care Needs Award

The Bridging Health Care Needs Award recognizes nurse practitioners who are active as a catalyst for positive change in the health care system, and who demonstrate the value of the care nurse practitioners provide to their patients. This award is presented during even-numbered years. Past winners include:

2022  Michele Seckington
2020  Alexa Curtis
2018  Judy Harris
2017  Evy Silk
2016  Karen Deck
2015  Wendy Smith
2014  Camille Fitzpatrick
2013  Debra Palmer
2012  Sandra Bresnahan and Sigalit Marmorstein
2011  Fe Mangila-White
2010  Laura Miller
2009  Matt Frietas
2008  Patricia Gahagan

Corporate Members