AB 890 Implementation

Turning Law into Action

In 2020, CANP and its members achieved a monumental victory with the passage of AB 890. After a decade of working towards full practice authority, AB 890 codified this ability into state law. You can read a summary of the provisions of AB 890 here.

CANP is a nonpartisan organization committed to advancing the NP practice in California. As an organization, we exist to support the removal of restrictions on NP practice so that patients can receive timely and high-quality care of all kinds. 

While AB 890 became law on January 1, 2021, CANP and its members have more work to do to ensure its successful implementation. Working with our Close the Provider Gap coalition, we are focused both legislatively and through the regulatory process to ensure that the intent of AB 890 is achieved. 

We are actively engaged in the regulatory process taking place at the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), which is developing the regulations necessary to fully implement AB 890. The BRN regulatory process follows state rules for developing and finalizing regulations and oftentimes takes a year or more. There will be a number of opportunities for CANP, individual NPs, and other stakeholders to comment publicly on proposed regulations before they are finalized.

Corporate Members