Board of Directors Minutes 10/8/14

Board of Directors meeting 10-8-2014

Agenda Items

  • Meeting etiquette - response to complaints from tonight’s speakers at meeting that membership was inattentive and talked during presentation 


1. One member of the board will monitor the room and gently guide members who are talking to silence

2. A bouquet of flowers with a note of apology will be sent to the speaker (Julie)

3. Bethany will work with her husband to buy a microphone so that the speaker can be heard thus eliminating the concern that the membership cannot hear the speaker

4. The BOD and vice president will work with speakers to choose a venue that is quieter and more conducive to learning


  • NP Week 11/12/14 


  1. Brainstorming ideas for meeting 
  2. Ribbons 
  3. 2 gifts perhaps frames with an inspiration poem. 


  • Canned food drive at the November’s meeting 


Membership will be encouraged to bring in food to be distributed to local food bank


  • December holiday events 


  1. Toy drive for battered women’s shelter. Local shelter will provide list of desired toys to distribute to membership
  2. Holiday party December 3rd will be a non-educational event to celebrate and renew friendships 
  3. Location at board member’s Debra Lesin's home 
  4. Music with stipend for musicians will be arranged by Debra
  5. Catering to be determined 


Next board Meeting is a planning meeting for the year and will take place on a Sunday afternoon at Julie’s home - Date to be determined