CANPCI Grassroots Activity Newsletter - Sept 2017

Legislative Bill Updates

AB 1560 (Friedman): This year, CANP is sponsoring AB 1560, by Assembly Member Laura Friedman (D- Glendale), which would eliminate the ratio in existing law that limits one physician to supervising four NPs, if those NPs are furnishing. CANP has proposed this ratio be eliminated or changed, as a means of expanding the ability for NPs to work in multiple settings, often in medically underserved areas and clinic systems that may only have one MD working as a medical director but multiple physical locations providing patient care. This bill is currently inactive at the request of Sen. Skinner. It will be a two-year bill.

SB 554 (Stone): Authored by Senator Jeff Stone (D-Temecula), SB 554 would prohibit construing the Nursing Practice Act prohibit a nurse practitioner from furnishing or ordering buprenorphine for treatment of opioid addiction. This bill was passed September 18, 2017.

AB 422 (Arumbala): Would authorize CA State Universities to award DNP degrees at campuses that have DNP programs. This bill is currently at the governor’s desk for approval/veto.

AB 1368 (Calderone): Would allow physician assistants to sign any authorization form required by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) for Medi-Cal benefits and services. CANP has heard from many NPs that they are experiencing the same sort of administrative challenges and delays, and as such. AB 1368 will be amended to include NPs in that same authority. This bill is currently inactive at the request of Sen. Hill. It is a two-year bill.

AB 845 (Wood): Would provide that a physician, pharmacist, or other authorized healing arts licensee who prescribes, furnishes, or dispenses a product composed of cannabidiol, in accordance with federal law, is in compliance with state law governing those acts. This bill is currently suspended in the Appropriations Committee.

AB 1119 (Limon): would authorize, during the provision of emergency services and care, the communication of patient information and records between specified individuals, including, among others, a social worker with a masters degree in social work. This bill is currently at the governor’s desk for approval/veto.

SB 309 (Jackson): Would require the State Department of Health Care Services to apply to sponsor a reproductive freedom license plate program. The revenue generated from the license plates, as specified, to be deposited in the California Reproductive Freedom Fund, created by the bill, and to be used, upon appropriation, for the Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment program (Family PACT).This bill failed a deadline and has become a two-year bill.

SB 799 (Hill); would extend the repeal date of the CA Board of Registered Nursing to January 1, 2022. This bill is currently at the governor’s desk for approval/veto.

Grassroots Chapter Activity
Legislative Meetings

Asm. Monique Limon: We met with District Supervisor Vianey Lopez in September to discuss our key bills and Asm. Limon’s health care efforts. Her bill AB 1119 (Developmental and mental health services: information and records: confidentiality) has passed both houses and is at the Governor’s desk for approval/veto. Vianey wanted to know where CANP stood on SB 562 The Healthy California Act (single payer insurance). CANP was neutral. We thanked her for supporting bills 554, 1560, and 1368.

Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson: We met with District Representative Brad Hudson in September to discuss our key bills and Sen. Jackson’s health care efforts. Her bill SB63, The New Parent Leave Act, which just passed Assembly and will be back in the Senate for concurrence. Brad wanted to know CANP’s legislative goals for 2018 so that Sen. Jackson could take them into account as she prepares her bills for next year.

Grassroots Events

Sen. Henry Stern: We participated in Sen. Stern’s Annual Heal the Bay Cleanup in September, strengthening our relationship with Sen. Stern, having a visible presence as Nurse Practitioners,  and aiding in caring for our environment, a key component of our health. Please let us know if you’d like to participate in any meetings or events!