California Association for Nurse Practitioners


Special Interest Groups

Get With the Group

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide an opportunity for members to connect with colleagues who share common interests. SIG meetings provide a time to exchange ideas, share clinical insight and keep up with the latest information on a clinical subspecialty. Each SIG is led by an NP leader with an interest in the subspecialty. SIGs are open to all members.

SIGs stay connected through email, online forums and an annual meeting held during our Annual Educational Conference. The annual SIGs meeting focuses on planning goals for the year and a subspecialty-specific educational opportunity.

We currently have over a dozen SIGs and additional groups can be requested by members. SIG topics include acute care, anti-coagulation, cardiovascular, geriatrics, homeless health care, NP entrepreneurs, orthopedics, psychiatry/mental health, women's health, oncology, doctor of nursing practice (DNP), pediatrics, leadership/mentorship and adult health care. You may be part of one or more SIG.

In addition, SIG participation offers:

  • Networking with other NPs who share common interests, have similar professional experiences and expertise in a field or topic of interest
  • Subspecialty educational opportunities, including an additional subspecialty meeting during the Annual Educational Conference
  • Access to subspecialty certification information
  • Participation in online discussion forums on topics of interest in a subspecialty. These topics may include clinical, legislative or practice issues.

For more information about the SIGs or to join one, visit our Forums page to indicate your special interest group preference.