Student Research Data Access FAQs

What is the benefit of helping CANP students send out surveys to CANP members?

CANP has over 4,000 members, which consist of both nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students. Many student members have inquired about sending out surveys to the membership to gather data for projects and clinical research. The goal of CANP’s Student Research Data Access is to provide students with the opportunity to send out their surveys to members and give members the option to participate in them. Our goal is to help facilitate and grow the foundation of knowledge and data we have amongst our peers and profession.

How do I sign up to distribute my survey to CANP members for my research project?

Students must purchase the Student Research Data Access from the CANP Store. This service is only available to CANP student members who have paid for one full year of membership.

How much does this service cost?

This is a CANP member benefit for student members, and it costs $100 per survey.

How often will surveys be emailed to CANP members?

As we want to be respectful and courteous of our members’ time, we will send one email quarterly to all members with the compiled links of approved surveys.

When will surveys be emailed to CANP members?

All survey links will be compiled in one email and sent out on the following dates:

  • April 14
  • July 14
  • October 14
  • January 14

How many survey responses am I expected to receive?

The submitted survey link will be sent to all members and participation will be optional. We do not know nor can we guarantee any number of responses as members will decide whether they will participate.

Can I get a refund if zero or few CANP members respond to my survey?

Participation is optional for CANP members. There are no refunds.

Corporate Members