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Board of Directors Minutes 10/8/14
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Board Meeting Minutes - September 10, 2014


BOD meeting September 10,2014

  • Student networking night – it was proposed that our chapter organize an evening where we invite  NP students , prospective employers and membership to meet with students. The purpose would be early engagement of students to increase potential membership. This would be modeled after an evening presented by the Orange County CANP chapter.

This Win-win opportunity would help pair students with preceptors and potential employment. This event could also include an opportunity for PAC fundraising

ACTION: the group will  start to generate ideas and develop a plan by the New Year


  • Light up the Night Walk October 11, 2014 5 pm Group to fund raise and participate in fund raising walk for lymphoma and leukemia society. This walk will increase our visibility as NPs


  1. Straighten out double registration
  2. Order tee-shirts with CANP logo – Bethany
  3. Send information and inspirational emails to membership



  • Informational item.: Cat has moved our account to a more accessible location. she is battling with bank management to eliminate service charges


  • Informational item : Julie and Sharon  will attend leadership summit in Sacramento October 4, 2014


  • Informational item: BOD meetings will take place immediately after the general meetings for convenience


  • Call for ideas: for fundraising for the pact. The BOD will compile ideas for subsequent meetings ACTION : plan to be complete by the new year


  • Proposed and approved : November is NP month.


ACTION meeting fee $10 to be waived and in lieu of the fee a call for can good donations for the battered women and children center for Christmas. Cat will design and help create a festive presentation such as a Christmas tree>


  • Informational:: a Trivallley banner will be purchased to be use for advertising and identification purposes


  • Discussion: relative to scholarship to California state. We are  offering 2 scholarships to the conference. Group is looking for ideas on who will be eligible and how  the selection process will proceed.


  • Discussion items : the job description of the legislative liaison




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Business meeting: up date on legislative & funding


CANP TriValley Chapter Business Meeting Notes 09/04/13 6:30 – 7:00pm at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Woodland Hills, CA Sponsored by TEVA.

TriValley Chapter BOD


President:  Apinya Harland

Vice President:  Vivien Shadd

Membership Co Chair: Deborah Tsunoda

Treasurer:  Mary Jean Lockard

Legislative Chair:  Deborah Onken

Communications and Marketing Chair:  Catherine Loring



Membership Co-Chair: Sherri Friedrich

Student Representative:  Carrie Friedman

Student Representative: Debra Lesin



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Chapter Update for Spring Connections
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Congratulations Tri-Valley Member Susan Opas

Member Susan Opas was recognized at Kaiser Woodland Hills for her accomplishments to health care at Kaiser and had done Medical Missions for Project Hope.  Check out Kaiser Woodland Hills lobby and you will see this poster and beautiful picture of Susan.

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