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Eating Disorder Awareness February 22, 2017 Dinner Meeting
Heart Health CEU Presentation February 21, 2017

Research has shown that nurse practitioners in primary care settings are in the prime position to provide cardiovascular disease prevention, risk assessment and prevention strategies for women across the lifespan. Therefore, we have prepared a great opportunity for you to hear from the Chairman of The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, founded in 1999. 

Senator Henry Stern Community Swearing -in
January 2017 Chapter Meetings

Greetings Chapter Members & Guest,

As nurse practitioners one of our many responsbilities is managing health problems and coordinating health care for the community.  You may not be aware but California is listed high on the human trafficking list among the States and globally. Research as shown that "health care providers are one of the few professions likely to interact with trafficked women and girls while they are still in captivity."  In support of January - Human Trafficking Awareness Month, come out and attend one or both of these Human Trafficking presentations and learn how you can become equiped to combat this health problem. 

CANP Channel Island Newsletter November and December 2016

CANP Channel Island Newsletter November and December 2016
Happy New Year - Channel Islands Chapter Members

Happy New Year Channel Islands Chapter Members!

Thank you for being a member of CANP. Together we represent a significant voice and as a group we make a positive difference within various health care systems. 

During the 2017 year we intend to continue demonstrating the value of your membership by providing educational dinner presentations related to the NP role, community outreach collaborations, NP Advancement Award and financial support to attend some of CANP's conferences. For more information or if interested about joining our Channel Islands Chapter Executive Board email us at

Mon., Jan. 23, 2017 Human Trafficking - A Journey Out (1 CEU)

Asm. Jacqui Irwin Holiday Open House
Tues, Jan. 17, 2017 - Human Trafficking Discussion (1 CEU)

As health care professionals it is imperative that we have the awareness and ability to identify patients who are being trafficked.

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