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2017-2018 CANPCI Executive Members

Congratulations to the newest member of the CANP-Channel Islands Executive Team! 

We appreciate these nurse practitioners for agreeing to serve in leadership roles while representing our CANP-Channel Islands Chapter. Together we are Power in Practice  - strengthening our organization and promoting the advance nursing practice profession within Ventura County and across the state.

2017, August 2nd - General Chapter Meeting

The prevalence of adult pulmonary hypertension (PH) in the United States has escalated in all races, gender, and ethnic populations. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are encountering adults with PH with increasing frequency. Through increased knowledge of the pathophysiological changes, diagnostic measures, and treatments for adults with PH, NPs collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to manage and improve client outcomes and quality of life, Todd Michael Tartavoulle, CNS-BC

2017 Resource Fair with Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin

In support of Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin join members of the CANP-Channel Islands Chapter on August 12, 2017 at the Oxnard PAL Gym | 350 South K Street Oxnard, California. We will be providing resources and professional tools highlighting the importance of vaccination to protect our youth from vaccine-preventable diseases and supporting a comprehensive approach to improving vaccination rates. In addition, we are providing backpacks filled with school supplies. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

1. RSVP to assist with the event via email at

2. Donate a backpack filled with school supplies call 805-729-6919 allowing us to arrange a drop off or pick up. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

August 31, 2017 - General Chapter Meeting

Come listen and gain additional insight on how to better manage patients with Degenerative Disc Disease - a condition that causes the intervertebral discs in the spine to deteriorate or break down.

2017 Inaugural CANP-Channel Islands NP Student Mixer

It is imperative to remain current with documentation practices that will decrease your professional liability and increase your financial sustainability. This event is was designed for NP Students but open to all CANP and Non-CANP nurse practitioners. RSVP while seat are still available -

Accepting | May 1-31, 2017 | CANP-CI NP Advancement Award Applications

Greetings CANP - Channel Islands Chapter Members, 

We will be accepting CANP-Channel Islands Chapter NP Advancement Award applications May 1-31, 2017. The recipient for this award will be announced at the June 29, 2017 NP Student Mixer. 

The CANP- Channel Islands Chapter Nurse Practitioner Advancement Award is provided once a year to one of more active CANP-Channel Islands chapter NP Student member(s). In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, chapter members applying for this award must be enrolled in a full-time or part-time accredited graduate nursing programs for Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctor of Philosophy in nursing (PhD), Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Clinical Nurse Specialists or any other program related to the advancement of a nursing degree. The submission deadline is May 31, 2017 at 12:00PM PST.

For more information email the chapter at

Asm. Limon Open House Invitation
Welcome | CANP-Channel Islands NP Student Representative

The Student Nurse Practitioner (SNP) Representative is an active nurse practitioner student in the Channel Islands chapter. As a member of the Channel Islands Chapter executive board the primary role of the SNP Representative is to collaborate with advanced practice nursing students within the chapter and the surrounding Ventura county areas.  The SNP Representative will serve a one year term with the objective to disseminate information from the executive board to SNP chapter members. The objectives of this role are to increase the awareness of CANP and membership benefits, advocate for the advance nursing practice and highlight professional accountability and empowerment for all student nurse practitioners.

CANP-CI January 2017 Newsletter

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