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Nurse practitioners: When Licensing Reform Meets Health Care Policy

– American Enterprise Institute, September 21, 2018
Summary: A new AEI study is the latest to conclude that NPs can do much of what primary care physicians do, and at a fraction of the cost — but they are being held back by state laws that protect physicians’ interests by limiting NP practice.

California Grapples With Growing Physician Shortage For Low-Income Patients

– California Health Report, September 17, 2018
Summary: While the number of Californians with health coverage has surged, the state is struggling to provide enough physicians to care for them.

Addressing the Nation's Primary Care Shortage: Advanced Practice Clinicians and Innovative Care Delivery Models

– UnitedHealth Group, September, 2018
Summary: A new report from UnitedHealth Group outlines opportunities to increase primary care capacity. 

California Nurse Practitioners Are Positioned To Fill The Primary Care Gap, But They Face Barriers To Practice

– Health Affairs, September, 2018
Summary: This article reports findings from a survey of California nurse practitioners that examined their employment and practice barriers.

Nurse practitioners could be poised to fill primary care gap

– Reuters, September 5, 2018
Summary: With the U.S. lurching toward a severe shortage of primary care physicians, nurse practitioners may be poised to fill the void - but only if more can be convinced to live in underserved areas and laws in some states loosen up.

Nurse practitioners face barriers to helping areas underserved by PCPs

–, September 4, 2018
Summary: While there is some hope that nurse practitioners can help meet future care demands, California faces several challenges to leverage this workforce.

SC nurses given broader prescribing power, greater authority to practice

– The Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.), August 14, 2018
Summary: After years of attempts, and an eventual compromise between nurses and doctors, nurse practitioners’ rights have expanded. A new law gives them elevated prescribing power in South Carolina and changes how they are supervised.

Nurses Seek to Fill Primary Care Gap

– AARP, July 1, 2018
Summary: “There’s too much need that our medical system can’t fill. There have to be other options,” said Blake Hutson, associate state director of AARP Texas. He points out that 22 states, including New Mexico and most other Western states, allow full practice authority for nurse practitioners.

It's Time To Expand Scope Of Practice Laws

– Forbes, June 19, 2018
Summary: One way to cope with the greater demand for healthcare caused by an aging population is to reform scope of practice laws Independent nurse practitioners increase the supply of qualified healthcare professionals, and this lowers prices while improving access.

Are nurse practitioners the answer to growing healthcare shortage?

– Consumer Affairs, June 14, 2018
Summary: Research from the University of Delaware suggests one answer to the shortage of primary care providers is the enlistment of more highly skilled nurse practitioners (NPs), who tend to choose primary care as a field at a much higher rate than doctors.

Are nurse practitioners the answer to growing healthcare shortage?

– Consumer Affairs, June 14, 2018
Summary: Research from the University of Delaware suggests one answer to the shortage of primary care providers is the enlistment of more highly skilled nurse practitioners (NPs), who tend to choose primary care as a field at a much higher rate than doctors.

Research highlights major role of nurse practitioners in rural areas

–, June 5, 2018
Summary: Nurse practitioners now account for 1 in 4 medical care providers in practices in rural areas – a 43.2 percent increase overall from 2008 to 2016.

The Rise of Nurse Practitioners Amidst Provider Burnout, Shortages

– Patient Engagement, May 30, 2018
Summary: Health care provider burnout is rampant. But as more providers suffer from burnout and even leave the profession, nurse practitioners have emerged to fill those care gaps.

JAMA: More practices rely on NPs, PAs

– Becker’s Hospital Review, May 1, 2018
Summary: The number of physician specialty practices employing nurse practitioners and physician assistants rose 22 percent from 2008 to 2016, according to a study published April 30 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Does it have to be a doctor?

– Bend Bulletin, April 14, 2018
Summary: Despite more than 40 years of experience with nurse practitioners and physician assistants in Oregon, the health care system still can’t quite figure out what to do with them.

She was a provider at Merced County clinic that closed. This is how she's still helping

– Modesto Bee, April 8, 2018
Summary: Before the eight Horisons Unlimited Health Care clinics shuttered last year, a nurse practitioner spent 10 months advocating for better services for her patients. After realizing she would get no support, she decided to stay in Merced County to help address the problem and opened up her own practice.

Rural Oklahoma hospital CEO: We need NPs to fill physician shortages

– Becker’s Hospital Review, March 22, 2018
Summary: As America's rural hospitals turn to nurse practitioners for primary care and licensed NPs hit a record high number in the U.S., Oklahoma lawmakers need to revise regulations that create barriers to NP care access.

More doctors follow the money, more nurse practitioners follow the need

– Science Daily, Feb. 27, 2018
Summary: The rural physician shortage is well-established, and there's the notion that doctors don't necessarily establish their practices where need for health care is greatest -- in poor and unhealthy communities.

Physician shortage: New program trains nurse practitioners to meet the need in Stanislaus, Merced counties

– Modesto Bee, Feb. 11, 2018
Summary: Many patients came to the ER with medical needs – a sore throat or a chronic disease – because they were not able to get an appointment with a primary care doctor. The San Joaquin Valley has the lowest number of physicians per capita compared with any region in the state.

In a First for California, Nurse Practitioners to Deliver Primary Care without Physician Supervision

– California Health Report, January 22, 2018
Summary: NPs at the Department of Veterans Affairs Long Beach Health Care System are set to become some of the first in California to have full practice authority.

Nurse Practitioners: Key piece of the health care puzzle

– Capitol Weekly, November 29, 2017
Summary: As we discuss how to increase the number of primary care providers in California, better utilizing the more than 21,000 nurse practitioners is a must.

Nurses Say AMA Launching ‘Turf War’ Over Direct Patient Access

– Forbes, November 20, 2017
Summary: Nurses across the U.S. are upset at new American Medical Association policy opposing efforts to allow advanced practice registered nurses to practice independently of a physician’s supervision.

Nurses to the Rescue

– Freakonomics, November 15, 2017
Summary: Could the growing army of nurse practitioners be an answer to the doctor shortage? The data say yes but — big surprise — doctors’ associations say no.

California doesn’t have enough doctors, and this bad law isn’t helping

– Los Angeles Times, October 10, 2017
Summary: Not having enough doctors to meet the health care needs of California's growing population is frightening. Not taking steps to address this shortfall with a greater number of nurse practitioners is simply foolish.

California faces shortage of primary care clinicians

– San Jose Mercury News, August 15, 2017
Summary: The latest UCSF study shows lack of primary care doctors to be a problem. Solution: allowing nurse practitioners to work at the highest level of their education and knowledge!

A nurse in the firehouse, an urgent care on wheels

– Behind the Badge OC, July 24, 2017
Summary: A nurse practitioner on the front lines is producing real results – "dispatched over 1,700 times, and has prevented 57 percent of the 554 patients she’s treated from making an unnecessary trip to the ER."

Nurse practitioner home visits correlate to big drop in hospital admissions, ER visits

– University of Rhode Island, July 18, 2017
Summary: Study finds hospitalization and ER visits drop over 60 percent with NP visits.

Amarillo VA nurse practitioner is first in Texas to get full practice authority

– Amarillo Globe News, June 7, 2017
Summary: A step in the right direction – our nation trusts us to help care for those who have served. We will continue to lead.

Compton Community College Opens First Student Clinic

– CBS Los Angeles, March 21, 2017
Summary: The first on-campus clinic in the college’s 60-year history, will be staffed by a nurse practitioner and two medical assistants.

Aiming to Reduce Absences, A Fresno School Puts a Health Clinic on Campus

– California Health Report, March 20, 2017
Summary: It isn't just a larger school nurse’s office. It’s a full-blown clinic, which features primary-care services, pediatric care and immunizations.

Nurse Practitioners Providing Most House Calls to Older Adults

– Managed Healthcare, February 17, 2017
Summary: Nurse practitioners are now the largest group of care professionals providing house calls for frail, homebound older adults.

Nurse Practitioner Response Unit Launched in Los Angeles

– Journal of Emergency Medical Services, February 1, 2017
Summary: Advanced practice providers, such as nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs), have become commonplace in most EDs and primary care clinics, and are increasingly called on to absorb the growing demand of low- and moderate-acuity cases requiring critical, unscheduled care.

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