California Association for Nurse Practitioners


Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

Guiding Principles

The Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values and Strategic Goals provide a framework for CANP's success. They were created by the Board of Directors and CANP staff during a two-day strategic planning session held May 5-6, 2012. 

Mission Statement

CANP is the unifying voice and networking forum for nurse practitioners, providing expert guidance and advancing the nurse practitioner profession statewide.  We are committed to:

  • Supporting nurse practitioners
  • Bridging the gaps in health care
  • Meeting the needs of patients

Vision Statement

CANP will revolutionize health care and the role of the nurse practitioner.

Core Values

Integrity:  We are committed to honesty and transparency in everything we do.

Compassion:  We act with kindness and consideration toward others.

Respect:  We are considerate of the differences of individuals and their respective contributions.

Accountability:  Our ethics are demonstrated through our actions.

Communication and Collaboration:  We endorse collaboration and are open to communication and feedback for continual improvement.

Professional Diversity:  We are the only organization that advocates on behalf of all nurse practitioners.

Innovation:  Through visionary leadership, we act with intention while encouraging creativity and new ideas.

Strategic Goals

Membership: Increase the value and awareness of CANP to grow membership.

Leadership and Governance: Develop stronger governance and leadership. Develop an effective, fully integrated, synchronized statewide governance system.

Communications: Communicate and reinforce the value and role of NPs while positioning CANP as the most credible organization acting on behalf of NPs.

Advocacy/Government Relations: Advocate for NPs on policy, practice and professional development, build grassroots advocacy at the chapter level and grow the PAC fund.

Education/Professional Development: Develop and promote professional development opportunities to build influential and competent NP leaders and strengthen the NP role.